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Team Incognito's passion began as a FIRST robotics team in 2016. As a seventh-year, community FTC team, Team Incognito is comprised of members ages 14 to 18 from across the Reno area. Our collective goal is to expand our technical skills and positively impact our community: this goal is what defines our team. We are dedicated to achieving excellence in our robot performance, but we know that our journey is about more than building a robot. Throughout our season, we welcome new members into our team helping them develop STEM skills as we design, build, and program our robot. We reach out to industry professionals and professors to expand our technical skillset. We reach out to fellow FIRST teams of all divisions located across the globe to offer support and knowledge.


Since our formation in 2016, our team has spent thousands of hours teaching classes, supporting our community, spreading FIRST, learning from mentors, and building the FIRST network. We are truly grateful for all the ways FIRST has helped us grow as individuals and as a team. 

Computer Aided Design

More than anything, creating our robot is an exploration of learning. We meticulously research and discover new ways to propel our engineering process to new heights.  Robot subassemblies are CADed before they are implemented. At the end of the year, our CAD team gathers every subassembly and compiles them into iterations of every robot step. Finally, we compile the final robot and diligently label each subassembly.

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Custom Designed Parts

With our extensive CAD and design experience, as well as our mentor support, we streamline multiple build systems through custom-designed parts.  Using 3D print technology, we create prototypes and production-ready parts. We also use 3D printed parts as an initial step for our CNC parts. 

AutoDesk Fusion 360 Designs

In the spirit of gracious professionalism, our team regularly shares our 3D designs with the FIRST community! Links to our open source designs are available below: 

To view our adjustable Logitech camera mount, access our AutoDesk Fusion 360 design.

To view our mount for our Rev bearing block, access our AutoDesk Fusion 360 design.


To view our strengthened REV pillow block with Tetrix, access our AutoDesk Fusion 360 design.


Control Award

On YouTube, view our 2021 Control Award video. 

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