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Dedication.  Expertise.  Passion.

Team Incognito leads a multitude of initiatives helping youth embrace STEM and fostering their identity in the world of technology. With a focus on the engineering process, we teach through a multitude of avenues the fundamentals of robotics. Helping youth envision themselves in the STEM fields, encourages them to continue learning and ultimately seek many ways to impact our world. Our mission is not only to teach the STEM skill set but to help youth discover that through a passion to learn and share, they can be leaders. 

At the foundation of all our efforts is a focus on the teamwork that is necessary for all success.  With a growth mindset, Team Incognito models collective courage as it leads others to discover their strengths.


Team Incognito knows first-hand the transformative results of constructive teamwork. With a foundation of trust and respect, we ensure that all of our educational efforts have the cornerstone of teamwork.  Communication, collaboration, and kindness foster the synergy necessary for amazing results. 


STEM Educational Events

With a curriculum that is specially developed from the team's years of teaching experience as well as collaboration with  NASA Astro Camp ®, Team Incognito hosts and leads numerous educational events.

  • NASA AstroCamp activities

  • EV3 design and programming, SumoBot competitions

  • LEGO creative challenges with WeDo development

Starting and Mentoring FIRST Teams

True satisfaction and leadership occur when we share our passion projects.  Team Incognito has started and led over 8 FIRST teams. Through this commitment, we together learn to lead.

  • FLL Explore

  • FLL

  • FTC

  • Volunteer at robotics events

  • Global and Local mentorship: Connecting mentors to other teams

Community Service

Serving others, our team has fostered connections with many charities in our community -- Eddy House, Children's Cabinet, Kids Kottage, Red Equity, NYEP, Volunteers of America, Reno Burrito Project, and many more. Not only are we able to serve our community, but we also grow in our teamwork and leadership skills. 


Launching Non-Profits

Using our technology and design capabilities, we help other nonprofits digitally present themselves via:

  • Website

  • Social Media

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